Founded in 2013, HGL Funding Consultants has worked with more than 200 clients and raised over $8 billion in funding, investments and local grants for its clients. HGL Funding Consultants has more than 3 decades of experience with sourcing trade and project financing in Africa and other parts of the world; in cooperation with major financial institutions throughout Europe, US, Canada Middle East and the Far East.


Financial resources are crucial in realising any project ambitions. Whether you are innovating, developing, extending your production capacity, strengthening your human capital or restructuring in order to adapt to changing market conditions, all require investments. In times when money has often become a scarce resource, additional sources of finance are becoming ever more important for governments, parastatals or private institutions.

As one of Europe’s leading funding consultancies, we have the ability to optimise your commercial or financial success through equity sharing or straightforward debt funding, be it from multilateral funding sources or private capital. HGL Finance Consultants supports your processes and reduces the risk of failure via advanced analysis, road-mapping and due diligence reporting for public and/or private funding; ultimately identifying the most suitable fit between the financial institution and end client.


As a Funding Consultancy firm we have access to a wide variety of funding models, which can be tailored on a case-by-case basis, ranging from grant funding to equity investments and loans.

The team leading the organisation has extensive knowledge and over 50 years of combined experience within the finance and business sectors.

HGL Funding Consultants draws upon a consistently growing network of business partners, funders, financiers and sector experts which ensures speedy deliverability to our clients, whether they be public or private clients, and ultimately optimises the success of their projects or business enterprises.



> Develop fundraising strategies/road maps that are relevant to the client’s particular situation as well as local area, region and country.

> Provide gap-analysis to assess all the required steps to optimise success.

> Ensure client is eligible for and fully compliant with funding requirements before approaching the funders, particularly important for both government and private funding.

> Conduct research, bid preparation support and presentations to funders and investors tailored in the specific format required by these institutions.

> Interface directly between the client and international funding institutions and investors.

> Wherever appropriate, conduct road shows, crowd funding activities, bond raising and such, on behalf of the client.

> Support with preparing donor and regular country reports.

The scope of our activities covers but is not limited to the following:

Project reporting, market analysis, capitalisation and planning, strategic planning, impact analysis and reporting, communications and marketing. Our services include preparation of feasibility studies, business plans and bid documents, as well as making direct approaches on behalf of our clients to private equity funds, pension funds, Angel investors, sovereign wealth funds, bilateral and multilateral funding bodies as well as other international financial institutions, all of whom we have excellent relations with.


Subject to scope of consultancy, terms and conditions. Please enquire for a tailored quote.


We need to fully understand your organisation and specific needs, before considering any assignment. Consequently the following basic information is required in the preliminary stages from our clients, in order to assess their particular project and funding requirements.

Nature of project and size of funding sought

Business plan or Executive Summary

Feasibility study if appropriate


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